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Previous editions of these alphabetical lists are obsolete when the new one for that letter is published so please destroy any old lists when you receive the new one for that letter of the alphabet. Thank you.

Discount Policy: A 10% discount applies to all orders over $28.00 from these stamp lists. You may calculate your own discount and deduct from the payment sent with your order or I will calculate the discount and send a credit voucher with your order if you have over-paid. Discount doesn't apply to SPECIALS or NEW ISSUES.

First Day Covers also are included in the stamp listings where available. Note that the prices shown are for the "Official" or most common cachets. Other cachets may also be available. The 2004 Scott Catalog organization has been followed except that Alderney, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey are also listed alphabetically. Trieste Zone A is listed after Italy and Zone B after Yugoslavia. Boputhatswana and Transkei are listed after South Africa. Scott has intermixed the LEADERS OF THE WORLD series sets with different issue dates and has been inconsistent in their numbering (some pairs get only one number while others get two, etc). This list includes both the Scott numbered sets when available and the sets as originally issued with one pair identified so you can compare with items already in your collection.

The 2004 Scott Catalog numbers and pricing have been used throughout but you will find that most prices are lower, some higher and some the same as Scott - I price based on what it costs to acquire the material, not some arbitrary fraction of Scott. Because of the expense of handling individual stamps, a $0.25 minimum is charged for individual stamps. For non-Scott listed items I use Stanley Gibbons(SG), Michel (Mi), Minkus(MK), Yvert(YV), DOMFIL (D) "Catalogue of Railway Stamps" and other specialized catalogs as indicated. "UL" in the catalog # column means the item is unlisted in any major catalog that I have access to. An asterisk (*) before the catalog number indicates an item that was not on the previous list.

Catalog numbers such as 3-8 mean all the stamps 3,4,5,6,7,& 8 are included while 3//8 means some stamps from 3 to 8 including both 3 and 8 but not all of 4,5,6,7. The number of stamps included is shown by the # in () in the description. (4) means all 4 stamps in a set are rail related while (1 of 4) means only 1 of the 4 are rail related. (4+SS) means all 4 stamps plus a souvenir sheet are rail related.

Definitions/abbreviations: BKLT means BOOKLET,w/ means with, OVRPTD means OVERPRINTED, MS means MINIATURE SHEET, SS means SOUVENIR SHEET, "As Above but" means same design as preceding item, "Small Steam Loco" means not a major part of the design, UPU, EUROPA, etc indicate other topics for which the set was issued. NI indicates a NEW ISSUE for which catalog numbers are not yet available.

Quantities are limited on most items, so order early to avoid disappointment. A (#) following the Cat. No. indicates only one or two of the item are available. Most of our stock is MINT NEVER HINGED unless noted otherwise. Our policy is to fill all orders with the best quality stamp available - thus, often a MNH set will be sent when HINGED is indicated in the list and occasionally a HINGED set will be sent when the MNH are sold out. If HINGED stamps are NOT acceptable, please so indicate on your order!

Please add $1.50 postage/handling on orders under $25.00. Because of increased bank card fees, VISA or MASTERCARD can only be accepted for orders over $30.00. Include all raised information (number & expiration date) and your signature. I also accept PAYPAL on email orders or orders placed directly from the web site lists. If INSURANCE is desired add $2.30 up to $100.00, over $100.00 I pay the insurance.

Thank you in advance for your order - you will be pleased both with the quality of the stamps you receive and the service provided. I am working hard to earn your business - allow me the opportunity to serve your collecting needs! If a problem does arise, please write or call me at 1-800-807-RAIL, access code RR or e-mail NOTE: telephone orders are not accepted since there is no one to handle them when I am on show travel and the answer machine only has a 5 minute memory before it writes over previous messages. I look forward to filling your mail order! If you don't see what you want here, send a want list - I've got THE items to set your collection apart! If you have any suggestions for improving these price lists or my service, please tell me so I can better serve your railway collecting needs in the future. If you have a problem, tell me! If you like my service, tell a friend! Thank you!



| A B C D E F G H I J K L M N OPQ R Sa Se-u Sw T U VWXYZ |
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